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World's Extinction and this Website was written Under the Freedom of Speech Act of 1776!
To protect Authors protesting with their Words; Against A Tryranny One World Government!
For a Cashless
666 World!


Copyrights are for the whole World to read….

Welcome to World's Extinction


World's Extinction Photo has Copyrights!
But please, Feel Free to use it on your Website for Educational Purposes only! 
But please tell the World from where the Photo came from! 
For a nice Jesture for the Author and the Artists from Medellin, Colombia who Produced the Photo....


. The entire World right now, is wondering, why and how can this Happen to Our World?

The Earth is moving away from Our Sun each Year, and Our Earth is only Expanding Out farther away from Our Sun, as the Gravitational Field weakens upon Our World!
There is a reason why Our Earth is loosing its Gravitational Pull to Our Sun!

But not one Human has figured out why, until now!
Download the Ebook for Free to find out why?!
But until then, take some time and look on the Internet, to view all of the Photos of Lakes and Dams drying up around the World!
It is a Shocking and Scary Story to know where all of that Water on Earth is going to, and why Our Glaciers are Melting at a alarming rate, but yet the Sea Level is still the same?!
 So, to make this Long Website Page, Short, please click on the Link below to find out where all of Earth's Fresh Drinking Water is going to, and why the Earth is pulling away from the Sun, until the World becomes Extinct one Day!

Click Here to read World's Extinction Ebook for Free!

. If  Anyone Downloads this Ebook, it is Protected Under Copyrights, so please do not Share this Ebook to anyone on or in this World!

Unless one day, this Website is shut down, then it means ""SOMEONE"" bought the Copyrights to World's Extinction and this .com Domain Name!

Until then, the PDF Ebook is Free for Everyone on Earth to read, but please tell your Freinds and Loved Ones to visit
To Download
World's Extinction Ebook for Free!

It really Counts where it will ""HURT"", to know how many Humans on Earth has read
World's Extinction for Bloody Free!

If you would like to Translate 
World's Extinction in your Language 
and sell your Book, but also give your Ebooks away for Free on this Website?
Please email the Author!
Only One Author per Nationality!
First Come First Served!
After Translation, the Author will pay for the Copyrights in U.S.A.
Remember, when You Translate anyone's Book, you will become the Author of that Book in the Copyrights that are filed in U.S.A.!

If you would like to publish and sell
World's Extinction Book?!
To support your News Network about the Illuminati!
The Author wants to Spread His Words around the World, but help others by doing it!
To try to save the World before it becomes Extinct!

Please email to have a Notarized Signed Contract sent to Your Staff, to use the Copyrights to print
World's Extinction Books!

The Notarized Signed Contract is only Valid for 1 Year with No Royalty to Pay!
After 1 Year, a 6.66% Royalty Fee will be Applied,
Towards the Authors' Grandchildren Education!
And not in Any Public Schools that the
Own and Operate!
To have ""THEIR"" Deadly Vaccines be forced upon
The Children of this World!

There will only be a few News and Talk Shows who will have Copyrights to sell World's Extinction Book on the their Websites and Social Media, to make sure their Investments are returned back to them, plus some to Support their
Thoughts and Ideas to the World!
The Author will advertise on this Website where to purchase your World's Extinction Book from around the World!

To Purchase a Signed Copy of World's Extinction Book at the Price what the Supporters of World's Extinction are asking for, please email to find out where to Purchase a Book and where to send it to the Author for Him to sign!

If ""YOU"" want to Purchase the Copyrights to World's Extinction 
To shut down this Website and the other .coms that are Mentioned in the Copyright Manuscript!

The asking Price for the Copyrights to
World's Extinction and the .coms are;
 2,220,000,000 UK Pounds!
The more other Nationalities Translate World's Extinction, the Asking Price will go up, to pay off the Foreign Authors' Copyrights!
And their Asking Price for Their Copyrights?!
 222 Million UK Pounds for Their Copyrights!

One Day the Author wants World's Extinction Translated in every Language on Earth!
7000 Languages times $222 Million UK Pounds?!
A Legal Ransom Note of 1,554,000,000,000 UK Pounds to be paid out to the World?!
The Author thinks that ""YOU"" better dig in Your OilPockets really deep, like 
""YOU"" do when you are looking for the Oil to Extint our World from your Money Pits!
And email ASAP when you get the?
You can call it Ransom Money if you would like!
It is actualy called;
A Smart Legal Way of Doing Business with the Illuminati!
To Prevent the World from hearing the Real Truth, about the Illuminatis' Fossil Fuel Companies that are Extincting Our Planet Earth!
Email when the Legal Ransom Funds are raised!
Before it is too late for all of Your Fossil Fuel Companies, from being shut down, for Good!

"P.S. ""Illuminati/FBI/CIA?!""
If ""ANYONE"" tries to Kill the Author/s of
World's Extinction, thinking that the Copyrights will become ""YOURS"", like how ""YOU"" take Land away from the Dead?
"Like what ""YOU"" did to the;
Native American Indians and their Nation?!"
And tried to do to the Bundy Family's Land?
Well, you tried to Kill the Bundys, along with Lavoy?! But with no such Luck?!
Had too many other Loyal Citizens protecting the Bundy's Backs, like they should do for the
Native American Indians' Backs to get Back their Nation from the Illuminati?!
Like how ""Illuminati's/USA/Britain"" now owns Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, just for the Oilfields, to Extinct our World with?!
While ""YOU"" have also stolen these Nations from the Dead People that ""YOU"" have Killed, too?!

Like ""YOU"" have done to many Humans on Earth who are not afraid to Stand Up against ""YOU""!
And the only way to shut them Up, is by
Murdering Them?

Because your Prisons will never shut anyone up from talking to the World! Unless you Confine them?!
But still after they are released for False Imprisionment for the Freedom Of Speech Act!
They will never stop talking to the World!

""You"" will have to Kill the other Ones too, who will Inherit the Copyrights to World's Extinction!

But the Legal Ransom will only become 10-Fold in the asking Price!


Because "Martyrs/Terrorists" become really Famous throughout the World, after ""YOU"" Kill "Them"!
And Others only want to become like "Them"!
And Others are not afriad to Die just like "Them"!
After ""YOU"" Torture and Murder a
"Martyr or a Terrorist"!
""Who want a One World Murdering Government!""

But even after the Inheritors of World's Extinction are Murdered by ""YOU""?!

"World's Extinction WORDS will only Spread,
 Like a Uncontrollable Wild Fire inside of a Unheard
Category 13 Hurricane!
That will cover the entire World!
And Pull Up and Burn everything that the
""ILLUMINATI""/""USA/Britain Goverments""
Own from their Bloody Murdering Sprees!
And give the Nations back to the Original Owners!"

""THEY"" have Murdered Billions of Humans throughout the World, using Tax Payers Money?!
To own everything that ""THEY"" Own!
For their One World Order?!
Which is the entire World that ""THEY"" want to Own and Rule!!!!"
"For a ""Illuminati One World Government Order""!"

If anyone wants to Comment about the Ebook called
World's Extinction after You Read It or what is wriiten on the Website?!
Please email your Comment, even it is to Criticize, and your Comment or Criticism will posted on this Website!

The World needs to Hear what you have to say!
But, the World will become Speechless and will not know One Word to say, after reading
World's Extinction!

If you want your Name posted on your Comment, please put it in your email!
Your Nation from where you live?!
Please comment  from where!
So the Author can see how far His Deadly Virus Words spreads throughout the World!
To Infect and Exticnt the Illuminati governments from Earth! 

P.S. World!
After reading World's Extinction and you would like to have the Blind hear the Story too?
Please email to find out how you can Help
World's Extinction Author to Purchase a
High Quality Audio Ebook for the Blind to Listen to!
Or maybe for your Enjoyment when you are stuck in a Traffic Jam, getting the Oil Companies even richer!
Once the Audio Ebook is Funded, this message will be deleted and replaced with a Link for the Free Audio Ebook, which costs Thousands for one!
Your Name or Website Channel will be put on this Website, if you would like!
As a Sponsor for the Blind....

"If one day ""Someone"" like the ""Illuminati"" Purchases this Website to shut it down?
 All of the Sponors' Donations will be refunded back to them with High Interest Rates as a Special Thank You for helping the Blind hear World's Extinction!"

Everyone on Earth will be wondering why the Author is giving his Ebook away free?
When Millions can be made by selling the
World's Extinction EBooks?

Instead of wishing for HollyWood Movies or some
 Rich OilMan Illuminati Tycoon who will buy the Copyrights from Him?!

The World must hear what the Author has to say to the World for Free, and money does not mean anything on Earth to Him; nor His Freedom nor His Death!

The Author only wants to see how Harmful His Words are to ""OTHERS""!
And to see if ""THEY"" are willing to pay the Price!
For ""THEM"" not to get Hurt anymore;
By Someones' Freedom of Speech Words!

"Because the Author knows his Words really Harm!
In a Special Way and ""SOME"" will pay the Price!"

"Can only One Man win the War on Terror that the Illuminati have Started around the World?
By only Him using His "Words"?"
"Yes He Can!"
"But it takes the entire World to Spread His "Words" around the World; Like an ""Illuminati Virus""

Please tell everyone you know to Read
World's Extinction!
Before it is too late for the World!
The All Mighty ""ILLUMINATI LAW"" will say the Author has committed ""TREASON"" for his Websites and his EBook?

The Author has only One Thing that He owns in his life!
And it is His Deadly Words!
To Serve and Protect the World!
Not like the ""CIA/FBI"" with Deadly Weapons Does to the World, while;
""THEY"" only Serve and Protect the Illuminati!

If the Authors' WORDS committed any Crime?

 It is the ""ONES"" who said he did!!!!

And the Author will not be Entitled to a Judge, Trail or Jury!
Just like the Terrorists who are Murdered throughout the World from the
""Bloody Hands of your Bloody Government!!!!""

P.S. Please, for the Children of this World, and also you!
Please email 
The Bloody White House and tell President Donald Duck Rumproast to visit to download the Ebook for Free and read the Ebook the whole World is reading and talking about!

The Author hopes that after a few Million Emails being sent to the Bloody White House,
Donald Duck Rumproast will get his 
Bloody Beak out the the ""Golden Gooses' Bloody Ass"" and make
Donald Duck Rumpraost go Quack, Quack, Quack?!
Translated into English!
When he realizes his
""Gooses' Golden Eggs are Finally being Cooked!!!!""

If anyone on Earth is willing and wanting to Produce the Movie in Any Way, Shape or Form; called, "World's Extinction"

And let us know what your Movie Idea is, and how to Produce the Movie called, World's Extinction?!
You will not be asked for any Royality from the Author, if?!
If you have a Soul like the Author does, to allow the World to see your World' Extinction Movie you have Produced for
Free for the World to see?
Chances are, the Author will see you in the
Stars of the Heavens too after we Die, in the
Bloody Hands of the Illuminati government!

Oh, You thought You will be with the Author Embedded Forever in the;
Stars of Hollywood Boulevard?!
Anything is Possible, if you think this way!
Even having GreenGovernments around the World one day!
Allowing the Citizens of this World to rule Themsleves!
Instead of the Illdoomianti Government ruling;
The Entire World for a One World Order!
And making our World become Extinct; along with Us Humans!

 Everyone on Earth, please help save our;
World's Extinction!
By Joining the GreenTerrorists at

GreenTerrorists will keep on fighting the
War against Terror the ""Illuminati"" create!

Until ""THEY"" have all gone Extinct inside of;
Bloody White House!
Along with the Bloody Beak Duck who  wants to become the Bloody King of the entire World?!
As his Bloody Fossil Fuel Buddies pave their Bloody Way; Throughout the entire World for ""THEIR""
Bloody One World Order Government?!?!?!?!

Please Help GreenTerrorists stop ""THEM""

Click Here to read World's Extinction Ebook for Free!

THE HIPPE TERRORIST - The Author  of World's Extinction and Founder of GreenTerrorists.....


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